Some of this work was exhibited at the ‘Angels and Demons’ exhibition on Jewish Mysticism at the Jewish Museum in Camden Town, London, in Summer 1999. ‘Moses’ Maze’ is taken from a 16th century diagram by the kabbalist Moses Cordovero and is an early graphic using the hebrew initials of the kabbalistic spheres of the divine world . ‘Lady Kabbalist’ shows my own interpretation of this structure. Perhaps the many students of Kabbalah will let me have some feedback!


The illustration ‘Urim and Tummim’ show the mystical gemstones on the breastplate of the high priests, said to answer questions put to them; interestingly, these also played a part in the shaping of the ideas of the Mormons. The bird-like figures are taken from an illustration in the ancient Book of Raziel; they represent the angels sent after Adam’s first wife, the wayward (independent?) Lilith, in a vain attempt to persuade her to return to Adam in the Garden of Eden; their images were used as amulets during childbirth to protect women and their babies from Lilith’s influence – far from being revered as the Mother Goddess, she was vilified and demonised for centuries by the male-dominated religions.