Polly Rockberger | MINI gallery
London artist making abstract and semi-abstract paintings, collage, prints on a variety of themes, often about motifs and symbols, early language, and human history.
Polly, Rockberger, London, artist, abstract, paintings, collage, prints, motifs , symbols, early language, and human history,
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Like many people, I’ve always had a great fondness for small paintings. My series of mini-paintings is based on the motifs and symbols which have inspired so much of my work over the years. I use small canvases, or blocks of MDF which I cover with primed Bockingford watercolour paper. This makes an excellent support for collages or paintings.


These mini paintings are collectables which work equally well hung singly or in groups. I can report that the little Buddhas, which are rich in colour and texture, have the desired calming effect on me as they gaze down from the kitchen wall during my hectic biursts of cooking for family gatherings!