As an interior designer I used architectual perspective and watercolour to make visuals for clients. Gradually I was drawn back to painting and sketching from everyday life, to the point where I was offered a solo exhibition. I gave up my design work to concentrate on a career as a watercolorist exhibiting in the Royal Society of Watercolorists’ Summer Exhibition as well as galleries in London’s Cork Street, St James’ and Hampstead. I loved the variety of my experience as a watercolorist, travelling and meeting so many people, and exhibiting in fine galleries, not to mention the delicious meals I consumed in the cause of art!


The people around me were unaware that they were the subject of my paintings in restaurants, cafes, shops, circuses, street markets, factories, schools, hospital wards and even operating theatres. I was commissioned to record daily life in London’s Whittington Hospital where the resulting work is now on permanent display. I still have a variety of work showing a broad variety of locations for sale at prices between £100 and £500 and welcome enquiries from UK, Europe, and USA. where I am a frequent visitor.