I visit New York quite often, and I feel excited from the moment I exit the airport. I usually stay at the Giraffe Hotel just up from Union Square, and one day I noticed that 9 floors below me on Park Avenue the road was covered in chalk markings. They seemed full of mystery to me, cave markings suddenly thrust to the surface of the city from the earth’s deep memory below. I was mesmerised by the arrows, squiggles, and whorls, and I risked life and limb leaning over my balcony to take this series of photos. Returning the following year, I took a further series from the same vantage point. The road markings had vanished by now into the history of Park Avenue but that particular spot will continue to be recorded by me for as long as I visit, in tribute to literally millions of human beings who have walked there through millenia long before the existence of Park Avenue, New York City.

Here you can also see a selection of my photos of the signs which so fascinated me on Park Avenue South, as well as the first few paintings I have completed in the series which they have inspired.