Some of my work is drawn not from the relatively recent history of the last few centuries, but from ancient archetypal symbols and artefacts which have appeared across cultures, uniting us all.

Many are to do with birth and regeneration and I have drawn much inspiration from archaeological finds in the Middle East and Old Europe (southern Europe) such as goddess figurines and decorated pottery, as well as from a broad range of ritual and household items from many cultures.

I was lucky enough a few years ago to have been taught to access Reiki energy. When I close my eyes to give Reiki to my friends, or to myself, I see in my mind’s eye an intense ground of spinning spirals or glowing diamond shapes. This series includes two paintings about my  ‘inner eye’.

Another piece hinting at life’s mysteries is Little House with Sun and Moon, which is exactly what it sounds like – a little house on a small planet, where the sun and moon both shine at once. It belongs to a favourite series to which I am still adding work, called ‘The Little House’, and you can visit it here.