Polly Rockberger | Family History Gallery
London artist making abstract and semi-abstract paintings, collage, prints on a variety of themes, often about motifs and symbols, early language, and human history.
Polly, Rockberger, London, artist, abstract, paintings, collage, prints, motifs , symbols, early language, and human history,
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Landscapes change over the centuries, bearing silent witness to the upheavals history imposes on their inhabitants. Aerial views have been a strong source of inspiration for me, and I have used maps and photographs from my family’s village, Zelodok in Lithuania, witness to mass murder during the last war, to make paintings in tribute to a lost community.


I hope that any landsleit from the Zelodok area will contact me if they have visual material which they would like to suggest for inclusion in future paintings, and I would welcome feedback from artists in Lithuania.


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